Upcoming year

Alright so I want to try to get us all brewing again. My goal is to have a beer style a month and give the list upfront so that people can plan ahead. Give info on each beer style 2 months ahead if someone needs an idea, then everyone bring their beers to taste. I would like to plan the dates for each month ahead of time, then we can just find a place to host for the day as far as a place to have the meeting. I think Sunday may be easier for most people to attend but what does everyone think? Is an evening during the week easier? Just need thoughts.

Tentative dates for the year, the idea is to brew a beer in time for the style each month to have ready for everyone to taste your handiwork. The meeting 2 months ahead to talk about and share recipe ideas. January there would be no beers ready but we would talk about the first 3 months styles (Jan,Feb,Mar)
January 13th - Barleywine (it would be time to brew this for the following year) We can have a bottle share of some different breweries
February 10th- Schwarzbier
March 10th- Dry Irish Stout
April 7th - Wheat Ale or Helles
May 5th- IPA plus its National Homebrew Day on the 4th
Jun 2nd - Saison
July 14th - Cream Ale or Summer Ale
August 11th - Kolsch, Lager, Pilsner
September 8th - Marzen, Dunkel
October 20th - Fruit, Spiced Ale (Pumpkin, Pepper, Etc.)
November 17th - ESB, Scotch Ale, Black IPA
December 15th - Holiday Ale, Imperial Stout

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